Angel Healing

Join my educational and transformational Angel Healing Course to use the exact same healing prayer system and energy clearing exercises that I use and have gained remarkable even miraculous results with. (The testimonials of people’s healing transformations speak for themselves). 

Lessons are released in consecutive order every seven days from the purchase of the course until a period of eight weeks to the completion of the course. 

17 Lessons

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17 Lessons in Angel Healing:

Introduction to Angel Healing

Lesson 1: Angel Message

Lesson 1: Angel Light Frequencies

Lesson 1: Working With Your Energies

Lesson 1: Amplification

Lesson 1: Chakra Clearing

Lesson 1: Restore Auric Power

Lesson 1: Higher-Self Alignment

Lesson 2: Angel Message

Lesson 2: Celestial Alignment

Lesson 2: Guardian Angel Alignment

Lesson 2: Chronic Stress

Lesson 2: Stress Clearing

Lesson 3: Angel Message

Lesson 3: Energy Patterns

Lesson 3: Example Energy Patterns

Lesson 3: Belief Repair